EJB 3 Tutorial : Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will create projects from scratch showing how to deploy and invoke Session Beans in EJB 3.2 Spec.


EJB 3 Tutorial Menu

The Tutorial Parts :

Overview :

First, we will set up the environment.

Then the Session Beans will be explained in layman terms.

After that, we will design a simple solution for a Quiz Game.

Later, we will tackle the Quiz Game solution components which we will implement to have a practical idea about:

  • How to define a Stateful Session Bean, a Stateless Session Bean, and a Singleton.
  • EJBs Dependency Injection and JNDI Lookup for Local/Remote view in the (same/different) (Deployable/EJB Container), or in a complete standalone mode.

So let’s start by setting up our development environment.